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One and two bedroom apartments
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Creating a vibrant community in Bristol's historic harbour

150 bedroom boutique hotel
Up to 220,000 sq ft BREEAM 'Excellent' rated offices
Prime retail and restaurant opportunities for Bristol based independent retailers
625 new homes
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New pedestrian walkway linking the south of the river with the harbourside
New public landscaped square


Wapping Wharf will be the new waterside quarter that the city has been waiting for. Located on the south side of Bristol’s historic harbour on derelict land behind the new M Shed, the museum of Bristol, the area will be transformed into a lively community of up to 625 new homes, individual shops, offices, cafes and restaurants.

Drawing on the success of thriving independent shopping and eating areas such as the Lanes in Brighton and the Castlefield area in Manchester, Wapping Wharf will be a vibrant new neighbourhood where people can shop, eat and relax in a lively dockside environment.

Wapping Wharf will form a welcome link between the existing residential community of Bedminster and Southville and the city centre. There will be a new tree-lined pedestrian and cycle route lined with restaurants and shops, linking Gaol Ferry Bridge through to the waterfront, where a new public landscaped square will provide a focus for the area providing an external exhibition space for the M Shed and a place to sit and relax.

Wapping Wharf lies within the City Docks Conservation Area. In the past, it was used for shipbuilding followed by the old gaol, then large dockside warehouses that were bombed and replaced with newer post-war buildings to form the railway sidings.

Today, it features an industrial dockside strip with its characteristic cranes set against the backdrop of the new M Shed and the site has now been cleared for development. The architecture of the new quarter will reflect the gritty industrial character of the dockside edge, incorporating fragments of the old

gaol and other historic buildings on Cumberland Road and echoing the industrial heritage of the museum and cranes.

Stuart Hatton, director of Wapping Wharf (Umberslade) Ltd, which owns and is developing the site says: “Our intention is to create a lively waterside community at Wapping Wharf. We’ve worked hard to retain the gritty industrial nature of the existing dock edge and are planning to retain and restore many of the key listed buildings, and incorporate the historic gaol gates and walls into the architecture.”

“The first phase of the development will provide the important route through from Gaol Ferry Bridge and to the new public landscaped square, providing a new connection between the south of Bristol and the City Centre.

Phase One - Now Released

Work now underway at Wapping Wharf

The first residential apartments at Wapping Wharf are now for sale. The one and two bedroom homes offer prospective buyers the chance to live in wharf-style buildings in the heart of the bustling city centre.

Developed by Wapping Wharf (Umberslade) in a joint venture with Muse Developments, phase one of the development will feature 194 residential apartments, including 26 affordable homes, and 865 sq. metres of retail and leisure space.

Gaol Ferry Steps, a new stepped and ramped pedestrian route will run from Gaol Ferry Bridge, the existing footbridge over the Cut, through the site to Museum Square, a new public landscaped square on the waterfront by the M Shed.

The buildings will reflect Bristol’s harbourside history with their gritty dockside character and materials such as timber shiplap, brickwork, render and old cobblestones salvaged from the building site.

The designs will feature pitched roofs mirroring the shape of the wharf buildings that traditionally lined the docks.

Sustainability is key to this development, with photo voltaic (PV) panels fitted to provide electricity to common areas of the development. A central plant room will be operated, meaning hot water and heating are centrally generated, designed to be gentler on the environment and lighter on the wallet with cheaper bills.

The apartments are expected to be ready for their first residents by early 2015, and prices start from £180,000. To find out more, visit the Marketing Suite at the Mud Dock Deli (open every day from Saturday 14 June, 10am-5pm) or call 0117 930 5678 to make an appointment.

When complete, Wapping Wharf will provide a total of over 600 homes, as well as local shops, cafes, restaurants and offices.

Most of the site area is owned by Umberslade but the Masterplan also covers waterfront land and buildings, including M shed, owned by Bristol City Council.

Phase 2 Proposals

More detailed proposals are being worked up for the next phase of the Wapping Wharf development with a view to submitting a ‘Reserved Matters’ planning application later this summer.

Phase 2 will provide 326 apartments including 80 affordable homes as well as office space, 3 shops and car parking on four blocks, D, E, F & G. These are located to the east of Phase 1, on land bounded by Cumberland Road, Wapping Road and the new access road through the site called Rope Walk.

The remaining blocks to the north of the site, behind M Shed, will come forward at a later date.

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For further information or queries about the Masterplan please contact:

ABC, 5 Lilymead Avenue, Bristol BS4 2BY
tel: 0117 977 2002 or email

The Developer

Q. Who is Wapping Wharf (Umberslade) Ltd?

A. The developer and owner of the majority of the site, excluding MShed, the road to the rear of MShed and the strip of land alongside the waterfront which is owned by Bristol City Council.

Planning process

Q. Has a planning application for this part of the site already been submitted?

A. Not specifically for this part of the site. A Reserved Matters Planning Application is due to be submitted later this summer.

Outline planning consent in the form of a masterplan for the whole Wapping Wharf site was granted in 2006. This established the development principles such as quantum of development, the layout and overall height of buildings, access and public realm .Then in 2007 planning approval was given for the details of the public realm landscaping strategy and infrastructure across the whole site. The masterplan also sets out the retention and restoration of some key listed buildings which will enhance the City Docks Conservation Area and pave the way for new landscaped public spaces and routes through to the water’s edge.

Phase 1 development

The first phase of Wapping Wharf, (Blocks A and C), at the western end of the site, is currently under construction and is due for completion in April 2015. Phase 1 is being delivered by a Joint Venture Partnership between Umberslade and Muse Developments, following a £12 million investment from the Homes & Communities Agency. It features 194 residential apartments, including 26 affordable homes, 10 shops and 112 car spaces. A new pedestrian route called Gaol Ferry Steps will link Gaol Ferry Bridge, the existing footbridge over the Cut, through the site to the newly landscaped Museum Square on the waterfront by M Shed.


Q. Which part of the site do these latest proposals relate to?

A. Phase 2 relates to development of Blocks, D, E, F & G which are located to the east of Phase 1, bounded by Cumberland Road, Wapping Road and the new access road through Wapping Wharf, called Rope Walk.

Q. What is proposed for the rest of the site?

A. The approved masterplan allows a total of 625 homes (20% affordable) shops, cafes, restaurants, offices and 150 bed hotel. Also retention of listed buildings and the old gaol gates and creation of new public landscaped routes and spaces.


Q. What is being proposed in this second phase?

A. Phase 2 will provide 326 apartments including 80 Affordable homes, office accommodation, 3 shops and 214 car spaces. Blocks D and E comprise apartments of various sizes for the private for sale and rental market. There are also 3 shop units. Block F, the grade 2 listed JS Fry Warehouse, is to be restored with a tiled roof and timber roof structure to provide office accommodation on a new mezzanine floor. Below this will be car parking. Block G will provide Affordable apartments.

Q. Will there be affordable homes within this phase – if so how many and will they be rented or shared ownership

A. Yes –80 units will be affordable, which will be developed/managed through a Registered Provider.

Q. What type of housing is being proposed i.e houses or flats and no. of bedrooms?

A. There will be a combination of 1 & 2 bed apartments of various sizes to suit to the open market and rental market.

Q. Will there be any family housing with gardens?

A. The site is not considered suitable for traditional family housing. Communal gardens for residents of Block D and E are proposed alongside the Gaol Gate.

Q. What is happening to the old Gaol Gate?

A. The grade 2 listed Gaol Gate is to be restored to form a new entrance to Wapping Wharf for pedestrians

Q. Do these plans affect the running of the Harbour Railway?

A. No – Wapping Wharf (Umberslade) has been in discussion with the harbour railway operators and their operational requirements will not be affected by the plans.


Q. Will the new residential areas be gated?

A. Our current proposals are to provide secure courtyards for residents of Blocks D and E and secure communal gardens either side of the Gaol Gate.

Q. What is the proposed palette of materials?

A. The buildings either side of the Gaol Gate on the Cumberland Road frontage will be render with Bath stone details and a zinc top storey, set back from the facade. Other parts of Blocks D and E will be clad in vertical timber boarding with a natural stone plinth and rendered walls between pitched zinc roofs. Block F, the Fry Warehouse is predominantly natural stone and brick, and will be restored with a clay tiled roof to match the original. Block G will be clad in brick with timber panels next to windows, similar to Block C which is currently under construction.

Q. Will there be public art

A. Yes - as part of the proposal the team will be working with the Council’s public arts officer to draw up a brief for a public artist. Looking at integrating the art within the architecture and locating this in key areas, such as the entrances to buildings, rather than stand alone pieces of art/sculpture.

Q. What sort of landscaping will there be in this second phase?

A. The new residential accommodation is arranged around landscaped courtyards featuring planting and some trees, seating and lighting. Along Rope Walk there will be some trees and a combination of paving materials Landscaped gardens are proposed along Cumberland Road either side of the Gaol Gate. The old gaol wall which is currently buried will be rebuilt at a higher level to form a plinth to the new buildings alongside Cumberland Road.


Q. When will building work start on Phase 2 and when will the new buildings be completed.

A. Subject to receipt of planning permission, the ground remediation, and archaeology investigation will begin in autumn 2014. Enabling works, including utility upgrade work, will commence towards the end of this year, and will run from November 2014-March 2015.

Work on Block F is scheduled to run from March 2015 to September 2015, with the main construction work starting in May/June 2015, and likely to run for 2 years.

Q. When will the rest of the site come forward?

A. The remaining blocks to the north of the site, behind M Shed, will come forward at a later date.

Cycling/Public Transport

Q. What provision is there for cyclists in Phase 2?

A. Cyclists will be able to use the new routes through the site including the central axis through the Gaol Gate linking to Rope Walk.. Also a large number of secure cycle parking spaces will be provided within the new development as part of the sustainability strategy for the site. The team is aware of the need to design routes and surfaces etc to discourage anti-social use by skateboarders or speeding cyclists in order to ensure that such routes are safe for all pedestrians to use.

Q. What is happening regarding the BRT route which is planned to run through the site, behind MShed?

A. Discussions are currently being held with the Council to locate a BRT Metro bus stop on Cumberland Road alongside Block C and D, close to the new pedestrian route across the site, Gaol Ferry Steps which provides access to the city centre.

Car parking

Q. What car parking provision is being made as part of the new development?

A. Car parking is being provided for all 2 bedroom units and some of the 1 bedroom units, concealed in undercroft car parks.

Q. What will happen to the remaining part of Wapping Wharf car park?

A. This will remain for at least the next 2-3 years whilst this second phase is completed.


Q. What sustainable measures and features are being proposed?

A. Aiming for a minimum of Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. As part of the strategy for sustainability will be looking to provide a central combined heat and power plant to provide heat and lighting to the development. Also proposing photo voltaic (solar) panels on the roofs and a range of other energy saving measures.
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